About the House

sideOur home is positioned right at the water’s edge so you can hear the waves from the lake lapping the shore while enjoying the outdoor deck. In the mornings we love to open the windows and doors to let the cool breezes flow through the house and listen to the waves.

The birds and turtles like our little shore and frequently come by for a visit. We have a family of ducks that regularly come ashore to enjoy the view from our property too.

We are located one hour from downtown Dallas on the west side of Cedar Creek Lake, centrally located to Gun Barrel City, Canton and Seven Points. You can’t get closer to Dallas than Arnold Hills if you want to be on the main body of the lake.

If you are coming from further away, we have compiled a table showing you the distance from a few different locations, since we often get this question.

Distance Chart

To/From Distance Drive Time
Downtown Dallas 56 miles 1 h 0 min
Dallas Love Field 63 miles 1 h 8 min
The Parks Mall, Arlington 74 miles 1 h 15 min
Six Flags, Arlington 75 miles 1 h 17 min
DFW International Airport 76 miles 1 h 23 min
AT&T Stadium, Arlington 77 miles 1 h 17 min
Allen Premium Outlets 84 miles 1 h 24 min
Downtown Ft Worth 91 miles 1 h 29 min
Alliance Airport, Ft Worth 96 miles 1 h 39 min
College Station, TX 157 miles 2 h 21 min
Austin, TX 195 miles 3 h 4 min
Houston, TX 217 miles 3 h 5 min
Oklahoma City. OK 262 miles 3 h 58 min
San Antonio, TX 286 miles 4 h 11 min


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A native Texas girl, Christina loves to travel. She have been living abroad in Central America for two years, and speak fluent Spanish, as well as Italian.




Karl is originally from Sweden and have traveled all over the world, but has now settled in Texas. Karl speaks English, Swedish and German as well as several computer laguages.