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May 2019 Updates

This winter we finished a couple of bigger projects on the property. We changed the top floor bathroom from having a bathtub to be a walk-in shower, after having a water leak.We also made a change we wanted to do for a long time, and with the bathroom remodel we got the opportunity to do it. We moved the tub from the top floor bathroom down to the bottom floor, and added a door out to the hot tub.While we were at it, we gutted the room and put in new floor, as well as new wall panels and trim. LED lights around the floor were added, a new smaller vanity/sink together with a lighted mirror were installed, and the toilet was replaced with a brand new one.We hope you will enjoy this new bathroom. It should make it more convenient to use the hot tub, since you can change and shower right before and after you use the hot tub.Talking about the hot tub, please be considerate of other guests and shower before you use it. Sunscreen and dirt will not only affect the water quality, but can also damage the hot tub itself.