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Living Room – New floor installed


20151115_141519We have been hard at work at some updates to the living room.  The white carpet was damaged a few weeks prior, so instead of replacing it with more carpet we decided to go for a different look with more durability since the house gets so much use.

We put in a dark floor that matches the beams from the ceiling.  To soften it up a little we’ve added a super plush and soft rug in the main living room and a runner in the walkway to the deck.  So far we love it!


Screened Porch – New screen installed

The screened porch is a popular place for our guest to relax, but the screens themselves had seen better days. Over the summer the screen became ripped in several places. It was time to fix this.

After the old screen had been removed

After the old screen is removed.

So last weekend we removed out all the old screen and replaced it with brand new solar screen that is stronger than the old one was. The new one should stand up to the accidental assault of dogs and kids.  It also blocks the sun, keeping the screened patio cooler in the heat of the summer.


With the new screens.

BugKillerThe new screen also gives us a nice place to relax without flies and mosquitoes buzzing around.

Speaking of bugs, there is a bug light attached to the garage that will help keep bugs away from the deck and garden area. If you hear a crackling noise near the garage, that was a bug being zapped.

Living Room – Chandelier installed this week!

chandelier2Just in time for when the days get shorter and the nights darker we this week had our new “ginormous” chandelier installed in the living room. It will not only bring extra light to the room, it adds a nice cozy feeling.

ChandeliereThe type of bulbs are so called Edison Lights, which looks like the old fashioned bulbs developed by Tomas Edison. These use LED filaments though, making them long lasting and energy efficient while still looking great.

The chandelier replaces the old ceiling fan.