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Learn about what's going on at the house and at Cedar Creek Lake

Propane for Grill

PropaneTankWhen you arrive we try to have an at least partialy full propane tank connected to the grill. We also have a full tank available that can be swapped out if the first one runs out. In a normal situation you should always have at least one full tank available, usually more. There is a gauge on the tank that will show how much propane is left. If the happens to be empty, we normally have a spare tank available for you. Please contact us to find out where it is located.

If there has been what we call a quick turn-around (the previous guests left the same day you arrive) they may have left an empty tank in the grill and we haven’t been able to change it out. Again, please let us know.

If you use up all the propane (both tanks) during your stay, you can refill the tanks at Lowe’s for $20.


The Grill

GasGrill_OpenWe have 6-burner 65,000 BTU gas grill at the house. It is currently stored next to the garage under a cover. The grill rolls out onto the driveway very easily (just be careful when you lift it up so you don’t break off the side burner and/or work surface). Feel free to enjoy it.

There is a gauge showing the amount of propane available in the tank. Please inform us if the level is low, so we can replace the tank. Instructions to turn on the grill can be found under the lid to the side burner.

Please be sure to turn off the liquid propane tank when you are finished grilling. Please only use three fingers to close or open the tank. You don’t have to tighten it much or the open/close valve could get stuck.

We are also providing a set of grill tools, including several brushes to clean the grates on the grill.

Instant Hot Water

There is an instant hot water dispenser at the kitchen sink. It dispenses very hot water for tea, cocoa or to help with cleaning when dishes need to soak. It’s one of our favorite “extras” to have in a home. We’ve had one in each of our homes together. Be careful because the water is near boiling when it comes out of the tap.

To operate push the handle down to release the child safety latch and then rotate the handle down. Wait a few seconds and the water will dispense.

TeaWe love the instant hot water because our family loves hot tea. We collect and sample teas from all over the world. In the glass cabinet above the breakfast buffet area you’ll find our favorite tea, a blend from Stockholm. We left out some for any other tea drinkers who may want to try. It can be found in the glass jar labeled Söderblandning.

Help yourself to some if you are a tea drinker. The little silicon men are tea infusers. You separate the two sections, put a teaspoon of tea in the lower part and join them together again. You then hang it in a cup full of hot water for 3 minutes.

If you like it, you can also order the tea online directly from the tea store in Stockholm or from Scandinavian stores in the US.



New range with flexible dual oven

The controls for the dual oven convection oven.

The controls for the dual oven convection oven.

The range/oven in the kitchen is new in 2015. It is a smooth electric cooktop with flexible dual oven configuration. A special removable divider (the “smart divider”) fits in the middle of the oven to create two cavities – upper and lower – that can heat to different temperatures and cook different recipes at the same time if you wish.

The divider stores in the lower warming drawer if you want to use the whole oven at one temperature.

The different controls for the upper oven and lower oven are clearly marked on the touch screen controls. Both ovens can also do convection bake. The oven automatically adjusts the temperature lower when you select convection bake, as higher temps on convection bake can run hot.

The Kitchen – tools, plates and silverware

Kitchen Tools & Appliances

Kitchen1The house is stocked with lots of tools and appliances for the kitchen. We have several coffee makers, toasters, blenders, crock pots, microwaves, hand mixers and food processors. We have corkscrews, an electric can opener and several manual ones, baking and mixing sets plus lots of tools like potato mashers and meat tenderizers.


Pots & Pans

We have several different sets of pots and pans in the house – mostly hard anodized and nonstick with a few stainless pans thrown in for the ones who prefer those. There are also baking pans, cookie sheets and pans for cakes and brownies. You shouldn’t have any problem finding what you need to cook for your group. Sorry, our pots & pans are not for use out on the grill, the high heat is too much for them to handle.



We have an extensive set of silverware, containing of large and small spoons, butter knives and steak knives, dinner forks as well as smaller sallad forks, etc. It totals to over 200 pieces, enough even for a large group.


Plates, bowls and cups

You will find an assortment of plastic and porcelain plates, bowls and cups in the kitchen cabinets. There is a set of 40 place settings of regular porcelain plates, salad plates, soup bowls and cereal bowls as well as plastic ones for outdoor dining. The plastic ones in the downstairs kitchen pantry are not single use items, but are intended to be washed (they are dishwasher safe) and reused.