The Kitchen – tools, plates and silverware

Kitchen Tools & Appliances

Kitchen1The house is stocked with lots of tools and appliances for the kitchen. We have several coffee makers, toasters, blenders, crock pots, microwaves, hand mixers and food processors. We have corkscrews, an electric can opener and several manual ones, baking and mixing sets plus lots of tools like potato mashers and meat tenderizers.


Pots & Pans

We have several different sets of pots and pans in the house – mostly hard anodized and nonstick with a few stainless pans thrown in for the ones who prefer those. There are also baking pans, cookie sheets and pans for cakes and brownies. You shouldn’t have any problem finding what you need to cook for your group. Sorry, our pots & pans are not for use out on the grill, the high heat is too much for them to handle.



We have an extensive set of silverware, containing of large and small spoons, butter knives and steak knives, dinner forks as well as smaller sallad forks, etc. It totals to over 200 pieces, enough even for a large group.


Plates, bowls and cups

You will find an assortment of plastic and porcelain plates, bowls and cups in the kitchen cabinets. There is a set of 40 place settings of regular porcelain plates, salad plates, soup bowls and cereal bowls as well as plastic ones for outdoor dining. The plastic ones in the downstairs kitchen pantry are not single use items, but are intended to be washed (they are dishwasher safe) and reused.

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