Propane for Grill

PropaneTankWhen you arrive we try to have an at least partialy full propane tank connected to the grill. We also have a full tank available that can be swapped out if the first one runs out. In a normal situation you should always have at least one full tank available, usually more. There is a gauge on the tank that will show how much propane is left. If the happens to be empty, we normally have a spare tank available for you. Please contact us to find out where it is located.

If there has been what we call a quick turn-around (the previous guests left the same day you arrive) they may have left an empty tank in the grill and we haven’t been able to change it out. Again, please let us know.

If you use up all the propane (both tanks) during your stay, you can refill the tanks at Lowe’s for $20.


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