Inflatable Rowboat

Inflatable rowboat

The inflatable rowboat is perfect for paddling around the water when the water is calm and some light fishing. It has room for four people, an electric pump and fishing rod holders built in. It is located outside the house, adjaecent to the front screened in porch on the east side of the house. Look for the ‘swim at your own risk’ sign on the front of a brown wall. That wall is actually a camouflaged door to a shed that stores outdoor items. There’s a latch on the left side of that wall. Inside the shed is where the inflatable boat and pump is stored, along with its paddles.


Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)

Hanging in the front coat closet you will find personal flotation devices/life jackets. They are required for anyone going out on the water by the US Coast Guard. There are PFDs supplied for small children, youth and adults in that closet. Please return them to this spot so future guests can locate them.

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