Property borders

propertylinesmallWe have updated the welcome book with a map of the property with the borders marked. We have had some guest in the past enter the neighbors yard and setting up hammocks there, which they of course did not appreciate. You are also not allowed to enter their dock or boathouse. Not only is it private property, there is a liability for them if something would happen. As we clearly explain not only in the welcome guide but also in the rental agreement you sign, trespassing on the neighbors property is ground for immediate eviction without any refund. They also have the right to call law enforcement.

We have installed a rope fence along the property line. Look at the map to see where our property ends. The easy way to think about it is to draw an imaginary line extending from where the bushes/hedge along the driveway ends, past the trees next to the deck right (right inside the trees) and down to the bush to the left of the stairs to our dock. Click on the map to zoom in.

Thank you for your considerations!

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